Tintin Back On?

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are like me when i wear my lucky thong on a Saturday night--pure money. Earlier this year I was shocked to hear that Universal declined to finance the first film in their planned TINTIN trilogy, which forced the two cinematic titans to put their baby on the backburner.

Paramount stepped in and offered to finance the 130 million dollar film, which would be directed by Spielberg, but something about the offer seemed fishy, and the directors balked. Now word is that they have enticed Sony Pictures to split the bill with Paramount. I don't know how much a studio would need to be "enticed" to get into bed with these two, but if Sony doesn't want in, me and a few buddies plan on pooling our money together for a shot at what is sure to be box office gold.
Extra Tidbit: Peter Jackson is set to direct the second film, both of which will use motion capture technology.
Source: THR



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