Top 10 Best Picture Nominees That Didn't Win (Video)

For almost 89 years the Academy Awards have stood as the apex of prestige and recognition in the movie world by awarding the best films of the year, solidifying their greatness in the halls of...greatness. However, sometimes they’re just really, really, really wrong. Despite the fact the cooler kids like to say the Oscars never get it right, the winner of the top prize is usually a worthy victor. But when the whole world looks at the choice for Best Picture and screams, “You’re [email protected] high!” you know you made a mistake. This will be the subject we cover today with our new list, Top 10 Best Picture Nominees That Didn't Win. Some of the films here have lost to worthy, classic opponents, such as 12 ANGRY MEN to BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, and WIZARD OF OZ to GONE WITH THE WIND, but seriously, who on Earth decided that life being like a box of chocolates was better than getting busy living, as opposed to getting busy dying? A gaggle of brain damaged geese, apparently. So without further ado, here’s the list for your debating pleasure, and be sure to check out our retrospective on the 1999 Oscar year where SAVING PRIVATE RYAN lost to…*sniffles*…SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE.

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