UPDATE: Transformers 4 and 5 to shoot back to back, Jason Statham sought for lead

UPDATE: On Michael Bay's official forums he denies he has had any talks with Paramount about TRANSFORMERS 4 and 5. "I am currently not talking to Paramount on T4 and T5 despite reports. I'm looking at a lot of possibilities coming my way...". Baywill likely instead focus on low budget crime thriller PAIN AND GAIN as his next film.

Yesterday I reported that Hasbro was talking to Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg to get them onboard for another go at TRANSFORMERS. However, this doesn’t mean the movies won’t happen without them.

Now the talk is that whoever is involved will probably end up shooting TRANSFORMERS 4 and 5 together as a cost cutting measure, as there will be less of a rush to get the visual effects done and less finagling with the actors’ contracts between films.

The report also says that Shia LaBeouf is in fact not on board, echoing his earlier expressed desire to make the third film his last. Those involved with the film are looking at Jason Statham to star, who, if I had to guess, would be playing some sort of central soldier role. Unknown is which random hot girl will be assuredly cast alongside him.

Is there really a contingent clamoring for more of these movies? Just because audiences show up to make something profitable doesn’t mean the series should continue forever. Though that applies to every damn movie series these days and is a laughable notion in Hollywood.

Extra Tidbit: I'll say this for Michael Bay, he has a filming style that makes his actresses look like the singular most beautiful creatures on earth in each film.
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