Tron vs Hornet

     Tron vs Hornet showdown

Will Sony move THE GREEN HORNET yet again? If not, Seth Rogen and director Michel Gondry must have a few amazing tricks up their sleeves because they'll be facing off against a mighty powerful foe on their recently changed slot.

A release date for Disney's upcoming TRON LEGACY had been circulating for a while, but now this week the Mouse House made it official: December 17th 2010, against HORNET as well as THE SMURFS and YOGI BEAR.

One or more of those will surely tuck tail and move out of the way,  with TRON appealing to a much wider audience then the previous three while benefiting an anticipation that's already pumped up to capacity over a year in advance. If Sony doesn't budge, I predict a crippling defeat for HORNET even if the film turns out better than currently expected. Who's taking bets?

Extra Tidbit: I'm still surprised there's a YOGI BEAR film in the works. When did that happen?
Source: Variety



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