Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer to premiere with The Hunger Games

For those who need to find a reason to live, we have news that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN (PART 2) teaser trailer will premiere with THE HUNGER GAMES on March 23, 2012. This news is rather unsurprising, expected, and perfectly in line with the target audience for both films.

Even though there have been quite a few people jump to the defense of THE HUNGER GAMES as distinctly different than TWILIGHT, the simple fact is that they are both based on young adult novels and cater to the same crowd (and from the same studio). I find the TWILIGHT films to be abysmally silly, melodramatic, and mindless, but I know there is a wide collection of tweens, teens, and middle-aged women who live by the pulse of this franchise. It's cool.

I'm definitely not the target audience, although I've seen the films on video. For me, they're like Mystery Science 3,000 movies. For others, they're a great date movie that can guarantee you some action later that night. Whatever works, I guess.

Catch the trailer for the final nail in the coffin at the premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES on March 23, 2012 (or wait til the following Monday and we'll have it here) and choose your team for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN (PART 2) when it premieres on November 16, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Are you team Hunger Games or team Twilight?
Source: Lionsgate



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