Twitter users might've turned a fake movie starring Rihanna into a real one

So this is pretty cool! Apparently Twitter users might've accidentally created a real-life movie out of practically thin air! And if it does indeed get made, that would be an exciting precedent!

Anyway, it all began with this tweet:

Then there was a reply that said:

After that, a bunch of tweets followed that created an entire story, plot beats, dialogue, twists, etc. Then, this happened:

And then this:

Now, so far, it just seems like two friends having fun. However, the tweets continued, with fans figuring out who could write and direct. Eventually people settled on Ava DuVernay (SELMA, A WRINKLE IN TIME) as the director, and Issa Rae to write. Pipe dream, right? Well...

So now Twitter users had created a story, cast its leads, and even apparently hired a writer and director to it. Hell, even Oscar-nominated producer Helen Estabrook (YOUNG ADULT, WHIPLASH) offered to produce! But, I mean, just because they all want to do it, doesn't mean they will do it. However, then this happened:

Yes, apparently Lionsgate is prepared to make the film! Holy shit! That was fast!

Now, don't get me wrong, none of this is a done deal. But Vanity Fair has reached out to Rihanna, Nyong’o, Lionsgate, and the other players to see if this is real or just them having fun. Apparently Issa Rae responded: "Oh I’m definitely going to shoot my shot...This is an amazing opportunity!" which is certainly encouraging.

Whether or not this does end up happening, we at least have some fan-fiction that Lupita Nyong’o shared on Instagram:

And even some sample dialogue:

Hell, even if this film doesn't sound like your cup of tea, imagine the possibilities if this becomes the new precedent? Maybe your awesome idea about an alien and robot buddy-cop action/comedy set during the apocalypse starring Vin Diesel and Jim Carrey that is also a musical and a metaphor for the War of 1812 directed by David Fincher and written by Charlie Kaufman can become a reality as well! Is there any time those two were photographed together? Let me know!

Extra Tidbit: I'm still disappointed that Lupita Nyong’o is covered in full CGI for the new STAR WARS movies.
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