Two quick television spots for Fast and Furious 6 and Iron Man 3

Iron man 3 and Fast and furious 6

Sometimes the problem with television spots is that they show you nothing new. It ends up being a truncated version of a full trailer whose only existence is to remind you that "THIS FILM IS COMING SOON!" That doesn't mean a TV spot won't still you get pumped to see an upcoming movie and sometimes you do get a glimpse of something new and cool in the commercial.

The "new" television spot for FAST AND FURIOUS 6 from Universal Pictures definitely falls into the first category. It's pretty much highlights from the previous trailers condensed into a nice little 30 second spot. I've seen the trailers a bunch of times but I still can't help but smile each time Ludacris says, "Ah guys, they got a tank."

The new IRON MAN 3 spot is actually a teaser for a trailer that will appear during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on March 23rd. It's not long (since it is just a teaser) but we do get to see Tony Stark playing with his new suit for a little bit.

Both movies are probably high on your lists of films to see this summer and at this point I doubt many of you are on the fence one way or the other on either film. While FAST AND FURIOUS 6 looks like it's just balls to the wall action that should be a feast for the eyes, IRON MAN 3 is no lightweight when it comes to firepower and has a darkness to it that I think most of us are pretty excited to see.

It should be a great way to begin and end the month of May: IRON MAN 3 is out May 2nd followed by FAST AND FURIOUS 6 on May 24th.

Extra Tidbit: Which film has a better chance of living up to the hype?



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