Universal taps Andrew Baldwin to write Justin Lin's Bourne flick

Despite the news that Matt Damon would be willing to return to the world of Bourne with Paul Greengrass in tow, Universal is moving full steam ahead with a sequel to THE BOURNE LEGACY with Justin Lin at the helm and Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross front and center. Lin has more than earned his spurs by taking the Fast and Furious away from it's illegal street racing roots and catapulting it into the summer action film stratosphere. My bet is that Universal is hoping he can do with Bourne what was done with Furious, and keep that money train riding off into the sunset. I'm hip to see what Lin can bring to table, and that's what brings us to Andrew Baldwin.

No, he's not the fifth Baldwin brother you've just never heard of. If you were to head on over to his IMDb page, things are looking a little bare. That's going to change over the next year, as he has several projects in the works. Namely, THE OUTSIDER and BASTILLE DAY (which Idris Elba is currently attached to). While Tony Gilroy had been attached to the previous four screenplays of the Bourne franchise, I suppose Universal feels it's time to shake things up a bit. Baldwin will be taking the writing reigns over from Anthony Peckham (SHERLOCK HOLMES), who was originally slated to pen the latest Bourne installment.

Justin Lin's Bourne flick, starring Jeremy Renner, is currently set for a August 14, 2015 release date.

If they'd like to bring back Rachel Weisz . . . I'd be okay with that.

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel so far about another Renner Bourne flick? Would you rather just get back to the Matt Damon stuff?
Source: Variety



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