Wanna know what J.K. Rowling has up her sleeve with Pottermore?

The Guardian has spilled the beans a day early on sharing the secret of what Pottermore really is. Author J.K. Rowling will have a press conference tomorrow morning in London to give everyone the lowdown.

But it's really not such a huge deal that I can't tell you now. If you'd rather wait til tomorrow, then go ahead and move on to another article. Some people still like surprises.

Pottermore is...(seriously, stop reading now if you don't want to know)



It's an online game!

I know a few of you already speculated this. One user even mentioned that The Guardian had their suspicions that it was a game as well. The paper got wind of the project when a memo was leaked to them--accident or on purpose? They aren't sure.

Here's the details they do have about the game: "The new project is reportedly an online game that gives users clues which will lead them to prizes hidden in the real world. Aspiring wizards the world over can hope to find an undisclosed number of magic wands stashed throughout the U.K. and U.S., and possibly other countries. It is not yet clear if the treasure hunt is Pottermore itself or a marketing drive for another product, and details about the game remain hazy." Rowling will fill in the gaps tomorrow.

Source: The Guardian



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