Want a cheaper way to go to the movies?

Let's face it - going to the movies is an expensive proposition. Not only are ticket prices increasing but with all the premiums (3D, Imax, etc.) you can spend $18/ticket before you've even hit the concession stand. But we might just have found a way to save you a few bucks on your next ticket purchases.

While there was once a service that allowed you to get an all-you-can-watch monthly pass for theaters, they never thought to check with the theaters if that was actually OK. But Entertaina.com is actually working with theaters to bring you some discount tickets. You can get a ticket right now for only $6.60, which is a big difference over the $11 I'm normally paying. (And for $8.25 you can upgrade to a ticket that will get you into any "special engagement" showing.) You can even buy vouchers for popcorn and drinks and save some cash on snacks as well.

Right now the tickets are limited to AMC Theaters but deals with Cinemark and Century Theaters are the works and coming very soon.

If you're up for giving it a shot, they're giving JoBlo.com readers free shipping on any purchases, so you get your discount tickets just as if you were buying them from any other ticket site, except at a healthy discount! Just head to Entertaina.com and use the coupon code "joblo" to get free shipping on your order.

It's to note, we have no affiliation with this company, are receiving no kickbacks from them (be it financial or in terms of traffic) and have no financial or personal interest in the success of the program. Just something that we thought sounded cool and the more digging we did, proved to be far more legit than some other discount ticket programs....

Source: Entertaina.com



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