Warner Bros. has chosen Ben Affleck to make Stephen King's The Stand

The last news we got on THE STAND was that Steve Kloves and David Yates were in talks to adapt. Well, I guess that didn't work out.

Ben Affleck has been chosen by Warner Bros. to write and direct the adaptation of Stephen King's massive novel. There were no other details but he's got a shit load of work ahead of him. It will be quite the task to take this from page to screen. The only other adaptation we have of the book was turned into a mini-series. I'm interested in hearing Affleck's plans for this project.

King thought it would take awhile to get going, however it looks like they are trying to get this one on the fast track. Who will take the role of Stu Redman? King was pretty convinced by Gary Sinise's performance but will take Jake Gyllenhaal as his second pick.

And Molly Ringwald definitely won't be in it.

Source: Deadline



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