Warner Bros. no longer releasing Seventh Son

Ugh, I hate studio divorces. The films gotta be split up, and some will be rejected while others will find a comfy home with one of their parents.

With the partnership between Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures coming to an end, we've seen some developments on which studio would be taking which projects with them. The first instance of this was Legendary picking up the rights to Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR instead of keeping their interest with the SUPERMAN/BATMAN flick which I think is an interesting move on their part.

Another project that has been tossed around is SEVENTH SON starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. The first reports said that Warner Bros. had just flat out dropped the film off their schedule. Then like that cool Uncle with the awesome beach house, Universal decided to pick up the fantasy flick. Actually, Legendary's new home is with Universal so it's more of a my two dad's scenario. But Universal has a distribution only deal as of this moment so a release date is up in the air. Will it still hit in January? Can't tell as of now.

Universal will soon have to decide the fate of other projects like Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT, MASS EFFECT, HOT WHEELS, and Michael Mann's CYBER with Chris Hemsworth. To co-finance or not co-finance? That is the question.

Source: THR



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