Warriors, a fantasy series about warring cat clans, to become movie

What is it with people's love of cats? Ever since Ancient Egypt, humans have had an unhealthy fascination with these small, hairy creatures. I personally think they're indifferent assholes who never return my affection and always try to claw my face when I get too close. Just like my grandma.

In any case, it seems there's a potentially new fantasy series coming to theaters starring these furry little assholes, called WARRIORS. It comes from producer David Heyman, of HARRY POTTER fame (among other things). WARRIORS is based on a series of British fantasy novels that depict a secret world of cats, who engage in war, political intrigue, forbidden romance, and revenge (kind of a like a cute version of GAME OF THRONES). It's not a Medieval fantasy series though, like REDWALL or something, but rather it's a secret war that is happening underneath our stupid human noses.

The impetus for producing the film comes from the popularity of the book series in China. In fact, Heyman is partnering up with Chinese production company Alibaba films to help fund the film due to its mass appeal over there.

Heyman, however, bemoaned previous Chinese-Western co-productions (like the upcoming GREAT WALL), stating:

"you feel the marriage is forced ... something that is just done because you want Chinese money...[China] is becoming the largest market in the world so you are looking to understand that market...[WARRIORS] is such a perfect Chinese-British story because its values are universal." 

Love of cats crosses time, place, creed, race, gender, and country borders I suppose. No word on if it will be animated, live-action, or a mixture of the two, but I imagine more news will come in as it comes closer to release. 

So what do you guys think? You down for some cats killing other cats? You know, for kids?

Extra Tidbit: The WARRIORS novels currently have six sub-series, each containing six books.



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