Was your city one of the twenty five that won the chance to see Paranormal Activity 4 first?

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After some rigorous Facebook campaigning, certain fans of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 the world over have spoken and managed to secure the chance for their city to be one of the first to see the full and final cut of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4.  Dubious honor though it may be to some, the moment of truth is now at hand for those passionate (or possessed) fans out there.  Did your city manage to cut itself a slice of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 pie?

The cities are: Lima, Peru; São Paulo, Brazil; Lake Bluff, IL; Mexico City, Mexico; Brasília, Brazil; Los Angeles, CA; Fresno, CA; Purchase, NY; Houston, TX; Bogotá, Colombia; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; New York, NY; London, UK; Paris, France; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Santiago, Chile; Munich, Germany; Sheffield, UK; Toronto, Canada; San Antonio, TX; Göteborg, Sweden and Orlando, FL.  Now this is very important: If you want to see the movie at one of these special screenings on Tuesday the 16th, you must RSVP via this link.

For those of you who either 1) don't live in on of those cities or 2) don't care all that much about seeing it early, the proper PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 release date is at 9pm on Thursday the 18th.

In case you missed it, here's an "audience reaction" ad for the movie:

Extra Tidbit: This franchise works well for the whole "adding a small phrase to what was just said to turn it weirdly sexual" (like with Fortune Cookies and "in bed" or what have you). Case in point: there was some paranormal activity going on last night. In my pants.



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