Watch the Avengers roll with the punches in latest Mean Tweets video

They save our world, our universe and our realms, and yet, all we do is call them mean names and make fun of their faces. This is the life of an Avenger as evidenced by the latest installment of “Mean Tweets” from JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, which features cast members from AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (and other Marvel characters) reading some of the meanest tweets about them from Twitter. This includes Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans and more. Thanos and Ultron may break their bones, but words hurt SO MUCH more. Why would people say these things?!

Like most people who do the segment the stars take the jabs pretty well, if not with a slight tinge of sadness, like Sebastian Stan, who a Twitter user said “looks like a potato.” The there’s Olsen, who proved someone very, very right when they said she has weird thumbs. But Evans has the best time, laughing hysterically when someone said, “he plays Captain America like he’s a big dumb hunk of shit.”

Go watch the Avengers fight Thanos and fight to hold back their tears in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR



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