Watchmen decision when?

UPDATE - Warner Bros. is trying to expedite this decision and is pressing the judge for a January 12th resolution. The judge has not yet ruled on that request but is expected to do so Friday...

Mark January 20th down on your calendar. And not just as a reminder that it's Lorenzo Lamas' birthday (though don't forget to send him a card again this year). That's the day when we'll learn whether the WATCHMEN will be allowed to hit theaters on March 6th as planned or if Fox has successfully blocked the release in favor of a trial by jury. Both lawyers for Fox and Warner Bros. have agreed to let Judge Gary A. Feess decide whether to let WB proceed with the release as planned or if the only way to settle the dispute is to go to trial (and if that happens, who knows when we might finally see the movie). The Judge has previously urged the two sides to try and come to an agreement before this date, hoping there would be some sort of financial settlement that would avoid this countdown to Zero Hour. But Fox, obviously, is seeking the injunction against the March 6th release and Warner Bros. has said that if they must, they are prepared to go to trial. So guess what folks? You lose! It's honestly not looking good at this point but c'mon back on Lorenzo Lamas Appreciation Day January 20th for the lowdown...

Extra Tidbit: Why couldn't Fox have sued to stop the release of THE SPIRIT??
Source: LA Times



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