We interview Bryan Cranston, Benjamin Bratt & more for The Infiltrator!

Remember when Bryan Cranston played a funny television dad on Malcolm in the Middle? With his recent and beyond incredible work, it's bit hard to think back to that. In his latest feature, Cranston plays real life U.S Customs official, Robert Mazur, who uncovered a money laundering scheme involving Pablo Escobar. THE INFILTRATOR is a taut real life crime drama, sharply directed by Brad Furman. As far as Cranston is concerned, he is once again electrifying. The actor gives a layered and powerful performance, which is no surprise.

What's great about interviewing him is just how damn charming he is. He talked about taking on this sort of character, and what attracted him to the project. For Benjamin Bratt, this may be a genre he has taken on before, but there was something special about this script. He talked about playing what could have essentially been a stereotypical bad guy, and how it is much deeper than that. This was my first time speaking to Mr. Bratt, and it was a real pleasure.

As for the film's director, Furman also wanted to paint a less obvious portrait of those Mazur went after. The filmmaker discussed the script (written by his mother Ellen Brown Furman) and his approach to this particular subject. If you are looking for a smart crime drama, be sure to check out Bryan Cranston as he  continues to prove just how incredible of an actor he is. THE INFILTRATOR opens this Tuesday.

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