We Interview Kristen Stewart & Olivier Assayas about Personal Shopper!

I love Kristen Stewart. Sure she was in a franchise that I'm not particularly fond of, but there is something about her that connects. Part of this may be the fact that she has been choosing a ton of intriging projects. Her latest is no exception. PERSONAL SHOPPER is a strange and compelling ghost story that takes place in Paris. The thing is, it is unlike any ghost story you'd expect to see. Sure there are a couple of paranormal elements, but it is more about grief and loss. And yes, Stewart is terrific here.

When we sat down with Kristen and Olivier, they opened up about trying to tell a unique ghost story. Ms. Stewart talked about working with the director and playing a character dealing with loss. Olivier discussed the level of trust that the two have developed. And before the interview, she and I both talked a little music and frankly we have a few similiar favorites. If you are looking for a cool and unusual film, I'd recommend you seek out PERSONAL SHOPPER opening in limited release this Friday.


Source: JoBlo.com



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