We interview Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender and more for Alien: Covenant!

The xenomorphs are back! ALIEN COVENANT, the long-awaited follow up to PROMETHEUS arrives in theaters this week and has already garnered a healthy mix of reactions from those of us who have already seen it. You can check out my review HERE, Chris Bumbray's HERE, and Jake Dee's review from AITH HERE to get an idea of how well the film delivers. However, we have even more for you below, as I sat down to talk to the cast and director Ridley Scott about the film, their roles and what led us back to this universe. Check 'em out below!

First up, I chatted with Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender (David/Walter) and had to take the opportunity to first let Ridley know that his brother, the late, great Tony Scott, was a massive influence on my film life, having "awakened" me to film as not just entertainment, but art. Of course, Ridley would go on to be a major influence on me as well and we talked more at length about the Alien franchise, reactions to PROMETHEUS and how he's "in it" to make these films for a long time. I talked to Fassbender about playing dual roles in the film and what their dynamic meant to him in portraying them onscreen.

Next up, I talked with Katherine Waterston (Daniels), who I last chatted with during the Fox preview event in December where she had just seen the first bits of footage. I was curious how the experience has affected her now that it's all over and what she drew from it. As her character is hardly the usual "victim-type" in the film, I was also curious as to what led to the creation of Daniels persona.

Lastly, I talked to the trio of Danny McBride (Tennessee), Billy Crudup (Oram) and Demian Bichier (Lope), asking them each about how they developed their characters with director Ridley Scott, given that many of them have a lot of signature traits, some of which defy what we usually equate to those characteristics. Naturally, I had to ask McBride what the f*ck he's doing in an ALIEN movie and he was a good sport all around. I'd expect no less from Kenny F*ckin' Powers!

Here are a few shots from the premiere, as well as a very unique "cake" they had on display at the junket. I wasn't about to attempt to eat it, but it was a marvel to see. Maybe for my next birthday! Oh, and I also tried the In Utero VR experience there and it was actually pretty cool to "be born" as an alien. If you have the means to check it out, definitely give it a look. It's pretty fun (and creepy).

ALIEN: COVENANT hits theaters this Friday!

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