We talk Gifted w/ Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Octavia Spencer & Jenny Slate!

GIFTED is something special - and a little sentimental and sweet. The new feature from Marc Webb was a nice surprise, loaded with terrific performances and a heartfelt story. Chris Evans stars as a man raising his sister’s daughter, a child prodigy by the name of Mary. It is a pleasure to see Evans take on something very different, and the relationship between he and his co-star, Mckenna Grace, is a powerful thing. Add to that incredible support from Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate and Lindsay Duncan, and you have a little break from the wealth of blockbusters out there.

At the junket for the new film, we spoke to both Evans and Grace. It was obvious the two worked well together. Chris talked about taking on a film like this, and still being a part of THE AVENGERS. Yet it was McKenna that really opened up about playing a genius and working opposite her high profile co-star. The two are just marvelous together, and it’s always great to see Cap step away from his famous role - although I’m a fan of his take on the iconic character.

Finally, we sat down with the ridiculously talented Octavia Spencer as well as Jenny Slate. As a huge fan of Ms. Slate, it was great to see that she was exactly what I had hoped she'd be in person. Just a lovely woman on every level. We discussed her playing a teacher, and if that was ever a fall back for her career wise - obviously, she didn’t need it. And as for Ms. Spencer, she opened up about her incredible rise and the importance of being a part of a very different - but just as important - family as she is in the new film.

GIFTED is a heartfelt and sweet little story. If you want something unexpected from your typical summer options, you should check this one out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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