We Talk Uncle Drew with Kyrie Irving, LilRey Howard, Nick Kroll and more!

Many of you are probably more familiar with UNCLE DREW than you may realize. From YouTube videos to television commercials - especially The General Insurance - many viewers had already been introduced to the fictional, but “legendary,” basketball player played by real life pro Kyrie Irving. And now, he is hitting the big screen with a bit of old age make-up and of course a few friends. Irving is joined by Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Lisa Leslie and Nate Robinson. You can also find a ton of very funny folks including LilRel Howery, Tiffany Haddish and Nick Kroll rounding out the cast. 

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to this fine group. This includes Mr. Irving who talked about seeing this character grow from a small screen phenomenon to making a feature film. Nate Robinson, Lisa Leslie and Reggie Miller talked about bringing their game to acting, and about working together. And when it came to which of the non-pro members of the big screen team could play the best game of basketball, they were clear who they thought had game. However, one person was hilariously disappointed about the answers they gave.

Sitting across from LilRey Howery and Nick Kroll, the two discussed getting the opportunity to act with such amazing sports figures, but also having the chance to play the game with them. And when it came to the best of the two, Kroll hands down was the name the players mentioned. Let’s just say that Howery wasn’t ready for a little shade sent his way and he was absolutely hilarious about it. Frankly, it was a whole lot of fun sitting down with these incredible athletes and very funny and talented guys like Howery and Kroll. 

While we're in such great company, why not check out this cool Shout-Out video clip from our time with the cast of UNCLE DREW?

Are you ready to get out on that court and play? Check out the basketball comedy UNCLE DREW this weekend at a theatre near you.

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