Whet your appetite for The Wolverine with this extended look at the bullet train fight sequence

I want so badly for THE WOLVERINE to be awesome. The trailers have really made it look really great and basing it on the iconic story set in Japan was an inspired choice. Hopefully James Mangold and Hugh Jackman will set the summer right for superhero movies by delivering on what we have seen so far.

The good folks over at Machinima have started the countdown to THE WOLVERINE off by providing our first non-trailer clip of footage and it comes from the bullet train sequence that is being featured heavily in the marketing for the movie. Trains have made awesome settings for action setpieces for years and this could be another one to add to that list.

The special effects here look damn good. Rather than looking like green screen, you can almost feel Jackman and the stunt team were on top of a speeding train to get these shots. But action has never been a problem in these movies. What THE WOLVERINE needs to do is tell a good story that remains faithful to the comics. Where the ORIGINS movie failed was by modeling itself on the X-MEN movies and not telling a unique story about Logan. THE WOLVERINE may just fix that.

THE WOLVERINE opens in theaters on July 26th.

Source: YouTube



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