Who might Kevin Costner play in Snyder's Superman?

No seriously, I'm asking you. Because I don't actually know.


UPDATE - Latino Review is reporting that, as we surmised below, Kevin Costner is being sought to play Jonathan "Pa" Kent in SUPERMAN...


Deadline is reporting that there is "heightened interest" in Kevin Costner for a role in the upcoming SUPERMAN reboot (is this thing ever going to get an actual title?), but no word on what that part actually might be.

Costner hasn't been in a ton of films recently, his latest is THE COMPANY MEN opposite Ben Affleck. He made news however during the Gulf Oil spill where he somehow owned some machines that were really good at separating oil from water.

So could this humanitarian transform into the villainous Lex Luthor? It's the obvious choice, as that's a major role still to be cast, but I don't think so. If Superman is young, I figure Lex should be relatively young as well. Rather, I would say he's much more likely to play someone like Jonathan Kent, despite that the role hasn't been announced for the film. Though neither has Luthor.

Who do you think Costner could play?

Extra Tidbit: It's easier to see him in plaid and workboots than with a suit and shaved head, don't you think?
Source: Deadline



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