Williams as Monroe?

Production Weekly has just tweeted that that Michelle Williams is in talks to star as Marilyn Monroe in Simon Curtis’ MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, which chronicles the tale of a lowly third assistant director working on THE PRINCE AND THE SHOWGIRL who was given the job to look after Marilyn during her time in London shooting the film in 1957.

Scarlett Johansson was reportedly rumored for the role, and I will say that she does look the part much more so than Williams, but if we’re going for actual acting chops, I think they’re probably making the right call. Plus the entire film I can’t imagine not thinking of Scarjo just wearing a Monroe Halloween costume, rather than actually playing the part.

That being said, I don’t know if Williams is actually the right choice either, there are a ton of talented hot blonde actresses in Hollywood these days, so why her specifically? Maybe she had a killer audition? That voice is probably pretty tricky.

Extra Tidbit: Do we have an equivalent of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean today?



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