Wilsons direct Elec

The Wilson Brothers who teamed up to direct THE WENDELL BAKER STORY, Luke and Andrew Wilson will be teaming up again to direct ELECTRIC AVENUE.

Before you get too excited, it has nothing to do with the Eddy Grant song. Andrew explains that it's more like an awesome Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte team up from the 80s, "It's kind of like a '48 Hrs.'-type buddy comedy. Except instead of cops, they're reporters."

Okay interesting, I usually enjoy most things that involve a Wilson brother or two, or even three. Andrew says that they should starting filming in either January or February and that only one of them will be acting, "It's going to be [starring] Luke and somebody else who I'm not at liberty to announce quite yet since it's real exciting."

Who could this exciting mystery person be? Owen? Nah. Eddy Grant? Hilarious, but no. I suppose we'll just have to speculate until we hear otherwise.

I've seen parts of BAKER, but it didn't do a lot for me. Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell were the best in the movie, but past that I wasn't too entertained. I'm willing to give AVENUE a chance though.

Extra Tidbit: According to Luke Wilson, producers were able to raise money for BAKER from investors by claiming that he was his brother Owen.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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