WTF trailer for Korean gorilla baseball movie Mr. Go features a lot of yelling and jumping

Sometimes you just can't resist and when I saw a gorilla playing baseball there was no turning back. This new trailer for MR. GO, a 3D Korean film about an 800-pound gorilla who joins a professional baseball team looks every bit as wacky and insane as a movie about...a gorilla playing baseball. Featuring a whole lot of yelling, jumping, and general monkey business (I couldn't resist), MR. GO actually looks like a pretty expensive film for Korea and feels like a weird combinaton of MIGHTY JOE YOUNG meets MR. BASEBALL. It's the stuff dreams are made of. Or nightmares.

Play ball!:

Here's the synopsis for this masterwork:

A 15-year-old circus ringmaster Wei-wei is left all alone with gorilla Ling-ling after grandfather passes away. Thanks to her grandfather's love for baseball, Ling-ling was trained to play baseball and has developed remarkable hitting skills. The materialistic sports agent Sung Chung-Su hears of this remarkable gorilla, and signs Ling-ling to play in the professional South Korean baseball league. Dreaming of success, World's first gorilla pinch hitter and his 15-year old trainer begin on their run in the Korean Baseball League.

I'm not gonna lie. I'd watch this. Although, I may not be proud of it this is a fine slice of crazy that would be hard to turn away from. The film was released this summer in South Korea, but you can rest assured that it will find its way to your shores in due time. I'm sure you can wait a bit.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite non-King Kong ape/gorilla/monkey movie (please say Monkey Trouble, please say Monkey Trouble...)?
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