Y: The Last Movie

The Vertigo comic Y: THE LAST MAN got scooped up a few years ago for the feature film treatment, but like a lot of things that could potentially make great movies, it's been mired in the development stages. But with writer/co-creator Brian K. Vaughan gaining status (he just joined the LOST crew), will his projects make some headway?

Vaughan handed in his own script to New Line (I, ROBOT writer Jeff Vintar was initially on the adaptation, with David Goyer producing) and says that the project is now out to directors. "It’s not in development hell," Vaughan promises. "It’s in development heck." Y: THE LAST MAN follows the journey of amateur magician Yorick, the only guy left on the planet (and his monkey) after a plague wipes out the entire male gender – but he quickly discovers that a world of women is not quite paradise. It's like HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN, without the bipedal amphibians.

Besides his regular comic scripting duties and new TV position, Vaughan is also working on adapting his own comic series EX MACHINA, about a New York mayor (and former superhero) with the ability to communicate with simple and complex machinery.
Extra Tidbit: Vaughan also wrote an espionage comic series starring Marvel's psychotic mutant shapeshifter Mystique, in which she was blackmailed into secret missions by Professor X.
Source: Slashfilm



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