Zachary Quinto says the Star Trek 2 script is finally able to evolve

It's all about the hair and eyebrows when E! decides to talk to Zachary Quinto about STAR TREK 2.

Right below the random user question of "Which hottie is a secret Star Trek fan?", Quinto talks about his man-scaping for the film:

"My eyebrows are shaved and I do my hair in a way that people don't know I actually have my horrible Spock hair." He then continues, "It's been really great. We've been shooting for a week and a half, and it's been an incredible return to that world."

Thank God, Quinto moved on from grooming to the sequel. The actor went on talking about how recently it was that he finally got to see the script:

"It was the middle of December and finally I had to be like, 'We need to read the script. They waited a pretty long time, but that's because they were working on it. There was a writer's strike the first time so they weren't able to let the script evolve. Now it's really changing...on a regular basis."

Quinto ended the conversation mentioning his new co-stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller and Alice Eve. "All of them have folded in so beautifully and brought a whole new level of intelligence and sensitivity." Spoken like a true Spock.

Source: E!



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