Zombie epic World War Z gets a living human female

After a few years shambling around development hell, a feature adaptation of Max Brook's book WORLD WAR Z is finally getting an adrenalin shot, and a leading lady.

TV regular Mirelle Enos will join Brad Pitt in the aftermath of the global zompocalypse. Enos currently stars on AMC's well-received new murder investigation series "The Killing" (which sadly still remains unwatched on my DVR), and was also a recurring player on HBO's "Big Love".

Enos will play the wife of Pitt's WWZ character, a U.N. worker chronicling the undead disaster.

The book, set several years after a war between humanity and a legion of flesh-eating zombies, is told anthology-style through a series of “interviews” with survivors -- Pitt's character is obviously the means for viewers to experience these horrific recollections. J. Michael Straczynski (writer of CHANGELING and creator of "Babylon 5") and Matthew Michael Carnahan (THE KINGDOM, STATE OF PLAY) have each taken cracks at the script.

Marc Forster (QUANTUM OF SOLACE) will direct the big-budget Paramount project starting in June, with Pitt also producing through his Plan B company. Recent reports claim the studio somehow wants a PG-13 rating to maximize their potential audience.


Extra Tidbit: If AMC's "The Walking Dead" series was a movie, do you think it would get away with a PG-13 rating without any edits?
Source: Heat Vision



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