Muppets Haunted Mansion trailer invites you to a party to die for

Disney has conjured a full trailer for the Muppets first-ever Halloween special, Muppets Haunted Mansion! Starring Gonzo the Great and Pepé the King Prawn, this spooktacular special finds the dynamic duo being challenged to spend one very scary night in the grimmest grinning place on Earth… The Haunted Mansion.

Starring in the special alongside the Muppets are Will Arnett (as The Ghost Host), Yvette Nicole Brown (The Hearse Driver), Darren Criss (The Caretaker), and Taraji P. Henson (The Bride). Ah, but what Muppets holiday special would be complete without a gaggle of celebrity guests? That’s why you can expect Chrissy Metz, Alfonso Ribeiro, Edward Asner, Jeannie Mai, Danny Trejo, Sasheer Zamata, Craig Robinson, Skai Jackson, Pat Sajak, Geoff Keighley, Justina Machado, Kim Irvine, and John Stamos to also make an appearance.

muppets haunted mansion trailer

In addition to hosting dangerous traps, a rigor mortis-ridden Electric Mayhem, and singing specters, Muppets Haunted Mansion also features three original songs: “Rest in Peace,” “Life Hereafter,” and “Tie the Knot Tango,” plus a cover of the 1970s classic, “Dancing in the Moonlight.”

Oh, Disney, you certainly know how to fill this 40-year-old Muppet fan with Halloween spirit. This special will be playing on my TV while we decorate our house this year, there’s no doubt about that.

Source: Disney+, Deadline

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