Mute Witness: 1995 thriller is getting a new release from Arrow Video and coming to Shudder

Mute Witness has landed new distribution deals with Arrow Video, Shudder, and several other countries around the world

We’re big fans of writer/director Anthony Waller‘s riveting 1995 thriller Mute Witness (buy a copy at THIS LINK) here at Arrow in the Head, which is why we even put together a Best Horror Movie You Never Saw video on the film. You can watch that in the embed above. And since we’ve been doing our part in trying to let everyone know how good this movie is, we’re glad to hear that it’s about to receive new releases. Jinga Films has sold distribution rights to the restored cult classic to both Arrow Film and AMC Networks’ streaming platform Shudder!

Due to these sales, we can expect to see a new physical media release of Mute Witness from Arrow Video sometime in the near future. The movie will also be streaming on Shudder in the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Other new distribution deals for the film include, as reported by Screen Daily, Nameless (in German speaking Europe), A Contracorriente (in Spain), Njuta (in Scandinavia), Free Dolphin (in France), and Vendetta (in Portugal). So basically, Mute Witness is coming back to take over a good portion of the world.

The film has the following synopsis: Billy is mute, but it hasn’t kept her from becoming a successful makeup artist. While in Russia, working on a film directed by her sister’s boyfriend, Andy, Billy finds herself trapped in the studio one night and is horrified to see a snuff film being made. Billy escapes and, with the help of her sister, Kate, alerts authorities about what she saw. Unfortunately, in doing so, she makes an enemy of the Russian mafia, who funded the snuff film.

Marina Zudina, Fay Ripley, Oleg Yankovsky, Evan Richards, Igor Volkov, Sergei Karlenkov, Nikolai Pastukhov, Valeri Barakhtin, Sascha Buchman, Olga Tolstetskaya, Denis Karasyov, Igor Ilyin, Oleg Abramov, Vladimir Salnikov, Konstantin Sitnikov, and Norbert Soentgen star. The legendary Alec Guinness also makes a cameo appearance in footage that Waller shot years before the rest of the film.

Are you a fan of Mute Witness, and are you glad to see that it’s getting this revival? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Mute Witness

Source: Screen Daily

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