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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Howdy friends! I had a blast with our last Necessary Evil, and I'm glad that many others did as well! Still hoping that Ash and Hellboy do someday meet up on the big or small screen! Today's Necessary Evil idea sprung from a fun day trip I went on with my family last week. We visited this really cool, huge aquarium that was loaded with all types of interesting sea creatures. Being the horror fan I am, I couldn't help thinking what would happen if something happened that would allow the creatures to get out and swim amongst all the patrons. And no, I am NOT talking about the crapfest that was Jaws 3D. Now, let's dive in!

IDEA: A horror movie set entirely at an aquarium run amok. Let’s playfully call it Aquarium of Horrors.

OUTLINE: Okay, we start off by establishing this huge indoor aquarium located on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore, featuring a wide variety of undersea creatures. There's a huge tank where two gigantic hippos live, a gated crocodile island, pools filled with eels, sting rays, large crabs, poisonous frogs, and more! Lastly, there is a long shark tunnel where people can walk through and be surrounded by Great Whites, Hammerheads, Tigers, etc. The aquarium also features a huge glass ceiling crafted to resemble the large windshield of a submarine.

With the sea stage now set, we are ready to let the mayhem begin. There are so many possible scenarios to put people in peril. I suppose it depends on how batshit out-there we are willing to go with this thing. I'll try and walk the fine line between reality and insanity. Let's say it's a rainy Sunday and the aquarium is not super busy. We've got a family of four, some retirees, a bunch of stoners, and half of a high school swim team. Of course, there is a collection of aquarium employees as well.

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The storm outside grows worse and suddenly, a huge tidal wave comes crashing to shore and hits the aquarium. The force of the wave shatters the glass submarine ceiling, causing a flood of ocean water to pour in. The tanks begin to overflow and large heavy objects are strewn about the aquarium. The glass shark tunnel shatters, freeing many, many rows of razor sharp teeth! All the other dangerous creatures are poured free from their incarcerations as well!

A huge man vs. beast battle for survival is set in motion as the patrons attempt to fight off the hungry sea life and somehow swim to the exit doors! Everyone bands together, picking up whatever weapons may be available. At least the employees know some helpful facts about the aquarium's attractions that will hopefully come in handy. However, the waters will soon turn red once the sharks, crocodiles, and hippos chomp down!

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WHY IT COULD WORK: Audiences love man against nature/ocean creature flicks which has most recently been proven by the crazy Sharknado series. And I'm pretty sure there has never been a full-blown horror movie at an aquarium (f*ck Jaws 3D). Think a Jurassic Park type movie that feels real because it could actually happen! 

CHARACTERS: We have the aquarium's employees, which can range from young tour guides to older managers. The family of four can consist of a mom and dad, and a teenage son and daughter. The members of the swim team can utilize their skills to outswim danger. The retirees can add an older person element. And the stoners can basically be mindless fish food!

CONCLUSION: Movies about theme parks gone to shit are always fun to watch! Did you happen to catch Jurassic World this past summer? And a large aquarium could be loaded with tons of scary creatures which will make for some intense action sequences. And again, all the sea creatures exist in our world today (no dinosaurs!), so the believability factor should help ratchet up the scares!

What say you on this? Would you be down for some hellish horror at an aquarium? What would you want to see in a movie like this? Start chumming the waters and fire them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

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