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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Ho-Ho-Hello, my friends and welcome back to our final holiday installment of horror that has to happen. We had some jolly replies with regard to our last Christmas Carol Necessary Evil which was nice to see. Today, with Christmas a mere week away, there is one last holiday gift I'd like to see placed under our horror tree. Have you seen 2012's Silent Night, the loose remake of 1984's Silent Night, Deadly Night? If not, now is the perfect time to check it out. The flick really is a step above the lesser holiday slashers out there and is a very fun watch. It's fully aware of what it is and isn't ashamed to go all out. I've always thought it deserved a sequel, but for some reason that has yet to happen. So, let's work a little Christmas magic and map one out right now!

IDEA: A sequel to the 2012 remake Silent Night.

OUTLINE: Okay, in case you've yet to see Silent Night, know that the following may contain SPOILERS. Now, for those of us who have seen it, we all know that the killer Santa gets badly burned, but does survive and escape. His brief identity was revealed to be the son of a man who was a killer, but was gunned down by Jaime King's police officer father. Before being burned, however, the Santa did kill many people in town including Jaime King's father. It was one rough Christmas Eve.

Because of this, I say the sequel find's Jaime King's character quitting her job as a police officer and entering a convent. If you remember, she had also lost her boyfriend/husband the year before. That coupled with losing her father and the traumatic events on Christmas Eve is more than enough to push her over the edge and seek divine guidance. It makes sense. She is even shown praying in a church in the first one. This would also nicely pay homage to the nun theme present in both the original Silent Night, Deadly Night and its sequel.

But, how does the killer Santa find nun Jamie? Well, that will get taken care of in the film's opening scene. Jamie's mother also survived the first one, so evil ol' Saint Nick pays her a visit to start things off and discovers the convent where her daughter now lives. Of course he offs the mother in a festive manner like say, hanging her with a candy-cane-colored rope outside amidst her Christmas decorations. The authorities will think it's a suicide because she was so depressed about losing her husband the previous Christmas. The only person who ain't buying the suicide theory? Yup, it's Malcolm McDowell's Sheriff Cooper who, despite being set ablaze in part 1, did indeed survive. He's now scarred, more pissed off than ever, and hell bent on getting revenge on the Santa that burned his ass!

Now, here is where I'd like to amend something that the first film was not able to. It ended kind of abruptly, leaving the viewer to question a few things, the biggest of which being How did the killer Santa know exactly who was being naughty in the town and how was he able to get to each and every one of them in just one day? Since I refuse to except Christmas magic as the answer, allow me to pose a theory that can be explained in the sequel: using his "Chimney-Cleaning business" as a cover, he infiltrated the town weeks before his rampage and set up an intricate security camera system allowing him to spy on everyone. Santa will use his security expertise once he descends upon Jaime's convent, setting up small camera's all over the place in order to keep track of everything.

The majority of the movie, including its finale will take place at the convent as Santa stalks his way towards Sister Jaime King, killing anyone who gets in his way. How about the convent is hosting some sort of Christmas Eve gathering for overly religious teenagers who have pledged to remain virgins till marriage. That way we can really up the body count and add in some good, old-fashioned slasher movie naughtiness because you know some of those "virgins" won't be able to contain themselves. Finally, an insane Malcolm McDowell arrives on the scene locked, loaded (let's say he's developed a drinking problem), and ready to open fire on any fool dressed in a red suit! Merry F*cking Christmas!

WHY IT COULD WORK: We all know that holiday horror, if done right, is a big hit among genre fans. Just look at how well Krampus is doing. Plus, the first Silent Night was pretty popular and shows up annually on numerous Top Horror at Christmas movie lists. Director Steven C. Miller is a fantastic genre director and really crafted something fun and special with Silent Night. If the studio is able to get him back, I think this sequel would be a horrific holiday slam dunk!

CHARACTERS: Clearly, you need to bring back the fantastic Jaime King who gave a wonderful, emotional performance in the first film. She really carried the proceedings nicely and was a great hero to cheer for. Malcolm McDowell must also return with lots more ridiculous "Don't put avocado on the burger" type quotes. Lastly, definitely keep the same Santa as the first because he was an appropriately hulking slasher.

As for new characters, we can have a collection of virginal teenagers and maybe make one of them actually pure of heart to help fight off Santa. Also, how about we get a strict Mother Superior (like in the original) only this one is a proud NRA member who keeps quite an arsenal stocked up in her chambers which could come into use against evil Santa! There's just something about an old nun firing an AK-47 that brings a smile to my face.

CONCLUSION: The 2012 Silent Night was tailor made for a sequel. It had an enjoyable, well-known premise and was fully aware of what type of film it was. The killer was fun and all about the hardcore killin' and most importantly, survived in the end. The original got plenty of sequels that never really lived up to it. I say the remake can amend that problem by delivering an equally festive, insane second helping of jolly mayhem.

I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts on this. Did you enjoy 2012's Silent Night? Would you be down for a sequel? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see? Be a good boy or girl and fire them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

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