Netflix has landed the rights to Grant Sputore’s I Am Mother sci-fi thriller

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

After making quite the impression at the Sundance Film Festival this past Saturday, Netflix has swooped in to gain the North American rights to Grant Sputore's I AM MOTHER starring Hilary Swank. Staged as a cautionary tale about the dangers of technology, Sputore's sci-fi thriller warns of a teenage girl (Clara Rugaard), who is the first of a new generation of humans to be raised by Mother (Rose Byrne), a robot designed to repopulate the earth after the extinction of humankind. But the pair’s unique relationship is threatened when an injured stranger (Swank) arrives with news that calls into question everything Daughter has been told about the outside world and her Mother’s intentions.

Sputore is set to helm I AM MOTHER as a way of celebrating his feature film directorial debut. Meanwhile, Michael Lloyd Green (THE WALL, AFTER THE STORM) wrote the script, which is based on a story that both he and Sputore conceived. Leading the film is BOYS DON'T CRY and MILLION DOLLAR BABY alumna Hilary Swank, who will be joined by Clara Rugaard (TEEN SPIRIT, STILL STAR-CROSSED) and Rose Byrne (SPY, INSIDIOUS) for the tale of techological terror.

On the production side of things, Kelvin Munro will produce for The Penguin Empire, alongside Timothy White for Southern Light Films. Paris Kasidokostas Latsis, Terry Dougas and Jean-Luc De Fanti for Rhea Films, Bryce Menzies, Grant Sputore, Philip Wade and John Wade are executive producing, with Anna Vincent and Green serving as co-producers.

WETA Workshop, the special effects powerhouse behind such films as THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and AVATAR, are in charge of designing the life-giving robot in the film.

No date related to the film's North American Netflix debut is available at this time.


Source: Netflix

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