Netflix has revealed their new measures to combat password sharing

The streaming giant that provides access to countless titles has unveiled the new business model to keep people from leeching accounts.

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

netflix password sharing

It will not go unnoticed how Netflix changed entertainment. Not only did they revolutionize content distribution and access, but they even stepped into the ring with the big boys and released their own original programming that actually still rivals theatrical releases. The newest questionable decision is their attempt to quell password sharing, which gives multiple people access to a single account. The Streamable has just released details of the countermeasures against password sharing. According to the site: Netflix accounts are still shareable, but only within one household. To ensure that your devices are associated with your primary location, Netflix is now asking users to connect to the Wi-Fi at your primary location, open the Netflix app or website, and watch something at least once every 31 days.

Notably, you can no longer share passwords with people that don’t live in your home. But, what if you happen to log into Netflix while travelling? According to the site: Signing into Netflix outside of your home may lead to the device in use being blocked from Netflix. This could prevent you from signing into new devices while traveling, but Netflix has devised a workaround.Traveling users who want to use Netflix on a hotel smart TV, company laptop, etc. can request a temporary code from the service when signing in. This will give them access to their account for seven consecutive days.

What do you think of these new password sharing rules? Are they enforceable? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Streamable

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