New film production guidelines could result in CGI sex scenes

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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With a number of industries resuming operations after months of self-regulated quarantine, the film community has been hit extra hard. For the better part of 2020, Hollywood has frantically been trying to stay afloat in the face of production shutdowns and will have to face a new reality when shooting can resume. One big aspect of post-coronavirus movies that may be hit especially, ahem, hard, will be scenes of a sexual nature.

According to The Sun, a 22-page file from the Film Editors' Trade Association outlines a number of ways with which sex on the big screen could change the way characters engage in intimate activities. The document arrives after the Californian governor’s office greenlit a restart to Hollywood film production on June 12.

In the document, it's stated that "close contact moments" should be "rewritten, abandoned" or receive CGI-style fixes. Additionally, all backstage crew are expected to wear masks and visors, while TV shows are expected to continue to broadcast without inviting live audience members to the program.

Ah, but it doesn't end there. Actors, including A-list stars, will be given formal instruction on how to wash their hands properly as part of an effort to comply with the new guidelines. Other measures that are up for consideration is placing audiences behind plexiglass and having medical “coronavirus compliance officers” standing by at all times.

While The Sun did not provide a formal look at the 22-page file, it's easy to believe that such a document exists. After all, the coronavirus pandemic is one of history's most monumental crisis ever, and it stands to reason that Hollywood (and society as a whole) is in for some big changes as the world continues to heal from the devastating effects of the deadly virus.

What are your thoughts on intimacy and scenes of a sexual nature being changed in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak? Will CGI be a suitable substitute for smushing on screen in the years to come? Will CGI porn creators finally be given their chance to shine while working for the big dogs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The Sun

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