F*ck me gently with a chainsaw, new Heathers TV show on the way

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

With STANGER THINGS killing it, there seems to be an even more insatiable lust for 80's nostagia (and to a lesser extent Winona Ryder nostalgia…remember when she was a thing?), which means a pilot for a new HEATHERS series has been ordered by TV Land (of all places). It will be directed by SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE's Leslye Headland and produced by UNDERWORLD franchise vets Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi.

Man, so this trend of adapting successful – or even just marginally recognizable – movies into TV shows is really a thing, huh? SCREAM, HANNIBAL, TEEN WOLF, LETHAL WEAPON, BATES MOTEL, SHOOTER, 12 MONKEYS, MINORITY REPORT…the list goes on. This isn't necessarily a new thing (just ask THE CROW and HIGHLANDER), but the saturation of it definitely seems to be. Although, I'd say that HEATHERS – more than most movies – lends itself pretty well to a TV show. It deals with teen drama, and if the long-running success of CW shows, DEGRASSI, and GLEE shows us anything, it's that people like watching teens have teen problems. But HEATHERS also has a dark mean streak that most teen movies don't possess, so I hope that that black heart seeps into the new TV adaptation rather than them trying to sanitize it. 

No word yet if the original cast members will make an appearance on the new show, or even if it's a reboot or sequel. However, it might be hard to find recurring roles for Christian Slater or Winona Ryder regardless, as they both have obligations to TV shows already, Slater with MR. ROBOT and Ryder with STRANGER THINGS (which is so good you guys!).

So you guys excited for yet another TV show based on a movie? 

Source: AV Club

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