New intriguing details from the Terminator: Genisys screenplay

Reaction to the first trailers for TERMINATOR: GENISYS have been mixed, at best. Some are not content to accept any sequels to James Cameron's original while others are not sold on the reboot vibe coming off of Alan Taylor's film. Whatever the end result, we likely won't know until the film hits theaters. But, new details have emerged thanks to some folks who have read a current draft of the film's screenplay.

The Arnold Fans shared some lengthy reviews of the TERMINATOR: GENISYS script from various people, some of which contain spoilers. You can head to their site and read the full reviews of the screenplay, but we pulled some intriguing snippets for your enjoyment.

"I think the best way to describe Terminator Genisys is three action packed movies in one. First of all, we finally get to see the Future Wars. Where John Connor, Kyle Reese and resistance take on Skynet. This is something that Terminator fans have wanted to see since James Cameron gave them a preview of it in the first film."

"I get the vibe that fans have been disappointed with Arnold's involvement in action sequences since his comeback. Well, that changes with Terminator Genisys. Arnold is front and center of all the big action during the 1984 and (*deleted) portion of the movie."

"The atmosphere feels gritty and exciting, especially in the future war scenes. I can't give spoilers but sfx is going to pushed to the limit for war scenes at the start, I really hope they can do it justice onscreen."

"This also plays out like no other Terminator film yet in the fact it's not set in one time period from start to finish with a single villain to deal with! No the threat is greater here with two well known model terminators and a couple of other types spread throughout the movie – which has 3 major time zones. Safe to say the movie will look unique all the way through, keeping it fresh and exciting."

Other details hint to the Arnold vs Arnold fight we see a glimpse of in the trailer as well as a substantial portion taking place in the future with Jason Clarke as adult John Connor. Several comparisons are made between TERMINATOR: GENISYS and BACK TO THE FUTURE, which may be a gauge on how much of a time travel paradox we may be in store for with the first TERMINATOR being branched in different directions.

From all indications in these reviews, TERMINATOR: GENISYS is definitely not going to be what we expect.  But, can it live up to the quality of the first two films if it jumps around and feels like multiple movies in one?  I am willing to keep an open mind since the linear narratives of both RISE OF THE MACHINES and SALVATION left a lot to be desired.  Maybe mixing it up and really going for something unique will be worth the risk.

TERMINATOR: GENISYS opens on July 1, 2015.

Source: The Arnold Fans

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