Saw 8 gets brand new title & release date

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Even though we all thought the SAW franchise played its last game back in 2010 a new entry in the series is heading our way, proving once and for all nothing stays truly dead in the film world. To ensure you never forget that again, Lionsgate has just unveiled a brand-spanking new title for their upcoming torture fest – JIGSAW.

Formerly known as SAW: LEGACY, a new logo for the movie has been released with the date of October 27 attached, hinting we could see a teaser trailer sometime soon. The movie was shot in secret last fall, and though little is known about the movie we can assume from the title that Tobin Bell, the man behind the doll, will make an appearance.

Anyone who knows the SAW movies knows Jigsaw was the name of the madman (Bell) who would kidnap people (or would enlist others to do it for him) and place them in some sort of elaborate device designed to mutilate them, and in the end kill them, lest they find a way to escape. People poured into theaters to see each blood bath, and the series amassed almost a billion dollars at the global box office with a combined production budget of less than a $100 million across seven movies.

I haven't been one for the SAW movies in a good, say, decade. Sure, when I was 12 they were all the rage, acting as possibly the most violent thing I'd ever seen at the time. But after the third film I lost all interest, feeling the series had run its course, while I had become desensitized to the gruesome games. Though this film will be much-talked about come its release, I can't say I'll take time to watch it. I know what to expect, which is my stoic face broken with the occasional "gross."

JIGSAW arrives October 27.

Source: Lionsgate

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