New TDK trailer

You know, there’s something in the fact I don’t get so excited about a new trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT anymore. It’s not that I’m not excited about the movie – don’t get me wrong, I’d slit my little brother’s throat for an early peak, no question. But Warner Bros. just aren’t giving us much new footage with each new piece of promotional material. And that’s fine by me. I felt like I saw too much of IRON MAN before I went in to the cinema, and I want to see THE DARK KNIGHT as pure as is possible.

Things to note about the trailer: yeah, turns out every single freaking word Heath Ledger says as The Joker is absolute gold.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who wrote to tell me about the new trailer. You’ll have to excuse my not naming each of you, since there was literally like twenty. Sorry! Hookers are on me, next time we hook up!

Also, apparently THE DARK KNIGHT is running at 152 minutes. A little short for my liking, since I would have preferred it run until I keel over and die of old age. I guess two and a half hours will have to do, huh?

Source: Comcast

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