Nick Groff Talks Death Walker – Paranormal Network Video Interview

A special video interview has just been released through the Paranormal Network YouTube channel in which JoBlo and Arrow in the Head’s own Jimmy O sits down for a conversation with Nick Groff, host of the television series Death Walker with Nick Groff, a paranormal investigation show that’s available to watch on Discovery+ in the UK. You can watch the interview in the embed above – and since Jimmy O conducted the interview, I’ll let him take over:

Jimmy O here. Nick Groff is an old friend to us here at JoBlo/AITH. The paranormal investigator has had quite a career, and it’s only getting better. His latest journey into the unknown is Death Walker. In it, Nick and a small crew take on a few familiar haunts, with a few new and exciting adventures thrown in. While the series is already available in the UK, it’s prime for a US release. Here’s hoping those of us in the good old US of A will get our chance soon enough.

This past weekend, however, fans of Nick had the opportunity to get a taste of Death Walker. At the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda, New York, a group of theatergoers gathered in attendance for the premiere episode. Live and in person; the event brought fans together to watch the first episode with like-minded individuals in a haunted theatre! While we weren’t there to celebrate the scary fun, it’s exciting to see Nick Groff back, giving us the spooks on his many investigations.

As a treat, Nick joined me on Zoom for a conversation about the new series, the premiere, and a couple of spooky moments he captured. One in particular sounds like quite a strange experience involving something the camera picked up. That’s one way of lending a ghostly hand. Having worked with Nick for a few years on AITH’s very own, “Nick Groff Investigates,” it was a joy to catch up with him. We’ll keep you posted on Nick’s latest. Here’s hoping we all get to experience it soon. Perhaps Halloween will bring fans a treat this year with Death Walker.

To see more videos that cover Death Walker-like topics, head over to the Paranormal Network YouTube channel – and subscribe to the channel while you’re there! Dedicated to things like UFOs, hauntings, and cryptids, the Paranormal Network is home to such shows as We Want to BelieveHunting the HauntedThe UFO ShowThat Bigfoot ShowUFO Incidents, MytheriesHaunted Objects, the Infinite Rabbit Hole video podcast, and more!

Samples of a couple Paranormal Network shows can be seen below:

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