NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s story to become a movie from Oliver Stone

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Oliver Stone is no stranger to political filmmaking, whether that be the true story or one from a conspiracy theory perspective. Through films like JFK, W., and WORLD TRADE CENTER, Stone has examined significant events in American history through a very unique lens. Not even factoring in his documentary films, Oliver Stone has made a career out of making polarizing films. His next will continue that trend with one of the most controversial subjects of the last year.

Deadline is reporting that Stone and producing partner Moritz Borman have purchased the rights to Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Luke Harding’s book about Edward Snowden. Snowden is the former NSA employee who released countless documents regarding surveillance being done on American citizens before fleeing to Europe where he remains to this day. The controversy that ignited from Snowden’s hacking has put him on a list along with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as an important figure in the state of privacy, technology, and government control.

Oliver Stone‘s film will be a European co-production that will have the support of The Guardian newspaper where author Luke Harding reported on the Snowden news. This will be Stone’s next film after dropping out of helming a biopic of Martin Luther King, Jr. There currently is no release or production date for the film but expect it go get underway sometime this year. It will definitely be a controversial film if Stone has anything to do with it so expect more news as it develops.

Source: Deadline

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