Orphan actress joins Will Smith/ M Night Shyamalan scifi film

Isabelle Fuhrman, the girl who terrified you in ORPHAN, is on a bit of a hot streak. She’s set to appear as Clove in THE HUNGER GAMES, and now The Hollywood reporter says she’s negotiating to appear opposite Will and Jaden Smith in AFTER EARTH. The film, formerly titled ONE THOUSAND A.E., is being directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

The story is set in a future where humans can no longer live on Earth after it becomes inhospitable. Will Smith is some war hero who crashlands on Earth, and his son, considered a failure as a warrior (maybe cause he’s 13?) has to save him. Furhman will play Rayna, Jaden’s character’s friend.

AFTER EARTH will start shooting in March in Pennyslvania and Utah for a June 2013 release date. Yes, this is Will Smith’s next summer blockbuster, and yes, it’s directed by Shyamalan. After THE HAPPENING, I’m not sure if I can ever trust the director again, but he’s made two and a half good films, at least. 

Source: THR

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