Puppet Master: Furnace Leech Woman is the next entry in Full Moon franchise

Full Moon has announced that the next entry in the Puppet Master franchise is the solo puppet movie Puppet Master: Furnace Leech Woman

Full Moon recently started taking a different approach to their long-running Puppet Master franchise. Rather than continue making Puppet Master movies that feature multiple puppets, they’re now focusing on solo puppet movies. These solo spin-offs got started with Blade: The Iron Cross in 2020 and continued with last year’s Puppet Master: Doktor Death. Now, in a new episode of his Full Moon Universe YouTube show, Full Moon founder Charles Band has announced that the next entry in the Puppet Master franchise is the solo puppet movie Puppet Master: Furnace Leech Woman.

It’s a bit odd that the movie isn’t just being called Puppet Master: Leech Woman, but there is reason for the addition of “Furnace” in there. Since late last year, Full Moon has been giving out replica puppets that are designed to look like the puppet Leech Woman after she was burned in a furnace in Puppet Master II. Since this replica sports burns from the furnace, it’s called Furnace Leech Woman. So Puppet Master: Furnace Leech Woman is apparently being called that because the puppet will still have her burns from Puppet Master II in the story.

The Furnace Leech Woman replicas are not items that Full Moon has for sale. Rather, these replicas are given out for free to fans who win trivia contests, and they have also been offered as an incentive to get people to sign up for the Full Moon streaming service at FullMoonFeatures.com.

Puppet Master: Furnace Leech Woman is expected to start filming in Cleveland, Ohio in May. The script is being written by C. Courtney Joyner, who previously wrote Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge, Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, and (under a pseudonym) the new segments in the clip-filled Puppet Master: The Legacy.

Although Leech Woman has been featured in other Puppet Master movies since Puppet Master II, those appearances were in films that were set before the events of the second film. (Although the setting of Curse of the Puppet Master is kind of a mystery for fans to solve on their own.) Her time in the furnace was meant to be the death of the puppet, so it’s interesting to hear that she’s going to be revived after being burned to star in her own movie.

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Puppet Master: Furnace Leech Woman

Source: Full Moon Universe

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