Ratatouille spearheads a new trend of Pixar re-releases?

It wasn’t that much of a surprise that TOY STORYs 1 and 2 were both re-released in 3D before the third film came out. It was a way for people to catch up on the series while getting a bit of a new experience at the same time.

But now, rumor has it, Pixar is prepping their other films for 3D conversion, and the one that’s being heavily considered at the moment is RATATOUILLE. Bleeding Cool found the info in a video interview by Hey U Guys.

Ratatouille is one that we’re exploring doing [3D conversion on] and Brad Bird is very open to some changes, you know, some very subtle changes but slight reframings. If a character’s reaching forward and a pinky goes off screen, we’ll adjust the camera and the character a little bit to have the hand on. So that said, if the director’s open to minor modifications on a library title then that’s wonderful and we’re really excited about doing that.

Yeah that sounds…boring as hell. My biggest problem with Pixar 3D has been that you can barely even tell it is in 3D, something I’ve noticed with both TOY STORY 3 and UP. The picture has depth, but that’s about it, and you forget about the 3D effect after about ten minutes or so. Contrast that with Dreamworks or Universal 3D, which is a lot more eye-popping as demonstrated in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON or DESPICABLE ME.

Would you really pay $14 to see RATATOUILLE again in theaters, but this time with “subtle changes” and “slight reframings”? You wouldn’t want to miss that pinky going off-screen after all!

This is stupid. Pixar you do a lot of things right, but so far 3D, isn’t one of them. Work on that.

Source: Bleeding Cool, Hey U Guys

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