Rats rule the streets in new clip from Morgan Spurlock’s Rats

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Travel to New York City, and you’ll be amazed as you wander down the streets, taking in all the astounding architecture, bustling crowds, delicious-smelling food and HOLY SHIT IT’S A F@CKING RAT! IT HAS FRIENDS! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Ah, the Big Apple.

Kidding aside, it’s no secret the bustling metropolis has a huge rat problem. A large amount of people living there equates to a large amount of trash, hence a large amount of rats. Plus with such an intricate underground network of plumbing and subway systems, they have plenty of shadows to hide in…all before they come to the surface to snatch children in the night. This is why documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has set out to investigate the disgusting world of rats in a documentary aptly titled RATS. Though a trailer has dropped for the movie, a new clip shows how big the problem really is in a horrifying minute and a half. Something tells me this is child’s play compared to the rest of the doc.

Take a look below, and feel free to vomit wherever. I won't judge.

RATS directed by Morgan Spurlock will appear on the Discovery Channel on October 22.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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