Raven Banner takes international sales rights to Asmodexia

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Raven Banner has acquired International sales rights to the paranormal exorcism horror tale ASMODEXIA, the first feature film directed by Marc Carreté, who also shares writing credits with Mike Hostench (co-director of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival).

The film stars the Spanish stunner Irene Montalà.

Back in June of last year we brought you an early teaser/promo reel for the film, following that up with the first images from the flick in September. Today brings us the news that we're that much closer to finally being able to check ASMODEXIA out as Raven Banner has scooped up the international rights to the shocker.

The film unspools over five days in the lives of Eloy, a hard-edged evangelist pastor, and Alba, his teenage grandaughter, who practice exorcisms in the Barcelona area.

The film is produced by Ms Entertainment, a new genre label launched by Mr. Emili Pons, to produce horror, science fiction and fantasy productions for the international market.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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