Revelations: Alfonso Cuarón teams up with Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho for new Netflix movie

The new Netflix film will have a surprising collaboration driving it with Yeon Sang-ho working with Alfonzo Cuarón on his next film based on his webtoon.

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The international directors of thrillers will be combining forces. The Hollywood Reporter has said that Yeon Sang-ho, the director of the Korean horror film, Train to Busan, has just signed on to direct a feature film adaptation of Revelations, which is based on his own Korean internet animated series. This new film will be a Netflix original after Sang-ho already made three projects with the streamer. He directed the sci-fi feature Jung_E, as well as the popular high-concept series Hellbound and Parasyte: The Grey. A second season of Hellbound is also currently in development at Netflix. THR has also reported that Sang-ho will be teaming up with Alfonso Cuarón on this picture. Cuarón is on board as an executive producer and he will be consulting on the project. Netflix did not divulge how Cuarón had come to join the film, but Sang-ho would express his enthusiasm for working with the acclaimed Mexican director. Sang-ho states, “Alfonso Cuarón, known for masterpieces like Children of Men and Gravity, has greatly influenced my work as a director. I am thrilled at this opportunity to collaborate with him on shaping Revelations, and I have high expectations for our partnership.”

The film will be produced by Wow Point, which is a production company that specializes in content made for Korea, Japan and the U.S. Wow Point would make the statement, “With two globally renowned creators coming together, we sincerely hope that Revelations will thrill audiences worldwide.” 

Per Deadline, Revelations‘ story “centers on a missing persons case and follows a pastor and a detective, each driven by their own beliefs. Korean star Ryu Jun-yeol (The 8 ShowThe KingAlienoid) portrays Min-chan, the pastor of a small church in a provincial town. When a man named Yang-rae visits his church, Min-chan receives a divine revelation identifying him as the culprit who abducted his son, and he sets forth to pursue justice. Alternating between sincere faith and cruel reality, Min-chan becomes consumed by his quest for retribution. Popular actress Shin Hyun-been (Hospital PlaylistReborn Rich) plays detective Yeon-hee, who is on the trail of Yang-rae, a suspect in the missing-person case — as well as the suspicious pastor Min-chan. Yeon-hee is constantly haunted by visions of her sister, who died due to a heinous crime.”

Source: THR

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