Rob Liefeld to have X-Force sketch hunt at Comic Con and we’ll have a clue!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Last year, creator/artist Rob Liefeld had a really cool sketch-hunt giveaway at Comic-Con in celebration of the release of DEADPOOL, which we supplied the very first hint for. This year, Liefeld is returning to San Diego with another sketch-hunt giveway in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of X-FORCE!

"Last year's Comic Con sketch hunt was an overwhelming hit with the fans and the feedback I received was so positive I knew I had to do it again this year in celebration of the 25th anniversary of X-Force! " says Liefeld. "X-Force was a transformative book whose contributions, designs and characters such as Cable, Deadpool and Domino have stood the test of time. For a generation of fans, Cable and Deadpool are their Spider Man and Wolverine! This year's sketch hunt includes a wider variety of  characters, Cable, Domino, Shatterstar, Stryfe and others will be featured as well as plenty of Deadpool! Some will be in color, some will be on actual sketch covers. Each of these would range between $500 and $1000 as commissions but I'm so psyched to be giving away over 10,000.00 in original art for FREE to the wonderful fans who have supported my 30 years in comics!"

Here's the rules for nabbing a sweet sketch for your collection:

Participants will have to follow clues throughout the convention on Liefeld's Twitter and Instagram profiles. On Twitter @robertliefeld and on Instagram @robliefeld 

"My network of family and friends did an outstanding job hiding these sketches outside the convention at the surrounding venues throughout the gas lamp district and they have planning new sites to hide the sketches this year!" An enthusiastic Liefeld emphasizes " Follow my social media accounts in order to locate and won these X-Force sketches!" 

We will also once again be supplying a hint as to where one of the sketches are, which we'll share here on the site as well as our social channels on Twitter and Facebook. Keep your eyes peeled here and on Rob's accounts to catch one of these bad boys. The X-FORCE sketch hunt will begin on Preview Night, exclusively at Comic-Con.

Keep an eye out for all of our Comic-Con 2016 coverage here next week, which will include video reactions, panel write-ups, floor pics, cosplay videos, photo galleries, event coverage and more!


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