Rumor: New Green Lantern will be the John Stewart version, not Hal Jordan

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

While the Peter Parker versus Miles Morales debate rages on, Warner Bros and DC Comics have seemingly made the decision to make the next big screen take on GREEN LANTERN to be about John Stewart rather than Hal Jordan. The rumor comes courtesy of Jeff Sneider on the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press. While unconfirmed, it would make sense if they want to distance themselves from the 2011 version of GREEN LANTERN starring Ryan Reynolds.

DC Comics has featured multiple iterations of human Green Lanterns, but John Stewart was the first African-American hero in their history. The character was assigned as a back-up to Hal Jordan when Guy Gardner was injured, making him the third Green Lantern in the comics continuity. He was not initially liked by Hal Jordan as he consider Stewart to be belligerent to authority figures. The Ryan Reynolds version of Hal Jordan was also somewhat belligerent so the filmmakers could elect to take this in a different direction.

Fans have dream casted everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Idris Elba in the role with some actors like Common and Tyrese lobbying for the role on social media. Whether this turns out to be true, the role would need to be cast soon to prepare for inclusion in the 2017 release of JUSTICE LEAGUE – PART 1. Who knows, maybe Warner Bros can convince Ryan Reynolds to cameo as Hal Jordan and have him hand over the ring to his successor?

JUSTICE LEAGUE – PART 1 hits theaters on November 17, 2017 while the new GREEN LANTERN is slated for June 19, 2020.

Source: Meet the Movie Press

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